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I am a self-taught full-stack programmer, and a self-starting entrepreneur through and through. After 7 years and over 70 web development projects, I have learned to love the challenge of developing new businesses. My motto - “Reach for the heavens, with conviction and without excuse.”

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Languages: Fluent English, Business Level Japanese

Blog: kansaistartup.com

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Email: contact@timothyandersen.jp

Phone: 080-3812-0678

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Full-Stack Programmer



MySQL and PostgreSQL

Customer Development

Face-to-face User Tests

Data Centered A/B Tests

Lean Methodology

Content Marketing

Industry Focused Blogs

Human Centered SNS

Events/Community Building


I make it happen.

I have made 2-sided platforms, rating/review systems, chatrooms, location API integrations, referral systems, payment/payout integrations, reservation systems... I have done events, sales, marketing, recruiting... whatever needed to build a product and ultimately a successful business. All self taught, bootstrapped, and using lean startup methods.

After 7 years and over 70 web development projects of never missing a deadline and never backing down from a new techinical challenge, I have earned the right to say with confidence - I am the man to make it happen.

Feb 2018 - Present

Founder, CEO, Developer - Bazuru

Tokyo - Japan

  • Fully built a referral system for local offline shops.
  • Utilized lean startup methods and consistent user testing to maximize efficiency for product iterations.
  • Developed content marketing strategy on a shoe-string budget while connecting deeply with our target demographic.
  • API integrations with Twilio, Stripe, Paypal, various SNS, and others.

Jan 2016 - Dec 2017

Founder, CEO, Developer - Musby

Kobe - Japan

  • Fully built a 2-sided marketplace for matching professionals with customers, including payments/payouts and reservations.
  • Recruited 3 highly talented professionals to join my team.
  • Built a community of 200 professionals and over 400 followers.
  • API integrations with Stripe, Paypal, Google Maps, and others.

Feb 2012 - Dec 2015

Vice President, Developer - Self Achieve

Kobe - Japan

  • Successfully completed many web development projects all on time and on budget. See below for examples.
  • Completed Wordpress integrations of many kinds.
  • Built CMS systems spanning over 16 websites to consolidate and manipulate user uploaded data.
  • Worked with countless Wordpress plugins, jQuery plugins, and customized animations, forms, and server setups.

Aug 2011 - Mar 2013

English Teacher - Berlitz

Kobe - Japan

  • Taught English to students of all kinds from young children, to businessmen, to doctors.
  • Used time in-between classes to teach myself Japanese and programming.

Feb 2011 - May 2011

Engineering Intern - Procter & Gamble

Kobe - Japan

  • Developed experiments and strategies to improve the capping system for various consumer products. This includes improvements within the manufacturing process as well as design specifications of the cap and bottle.
  • Used Microsoft Excel to generate numerical analysis of experimental data to calculate property values of various plastics.



MS in Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh - USA

  • Applied fluid dynamic mathematical models to automobile traffic patterns.
  • Created mathematical models for optimizing propulsion systems for nanorobotics.
  • Successfully completed an accelerated 1-year Master's program at a top-tier university.


BS in Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh - USA


Semester Abroad - University of Auckland

Auckland - New Zealand


Summer Abroad - Sophia University

Tokyo - Japan


Checkout my work

Morinomiya Medical College


Contract work managing the website of a large medical college. The 70+ page website requires regular updates of courses, instructors, and events. Recently underwent a full-scale renewal of their entire website.

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Built website with CMS integration for blog and product listing. Includes a custom form for customers uploading, and placing and resizing images for printing purposes.

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Built a data management system that accepted user inputed data from 16 websites, and led employees through an inventory management and logistics flow to meet each user's custom needs.

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Combined Wordpress and EC-CUBE user accounts together in order for one login and set of user interactions to be reflected across both CMS systems.

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Photo de PA

Photo de PA

Built a photosharing app for weddings. Wedding guests upload photos from their personal smartphones that get displayed in realtime on a slideshow projected for everyone to see. This required me to learn the Adboe Flash programming language in 1 week.

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Uehonmachi Osteopathic Clinic


Built their website including a blog and custom reservation system for customers to book clinical appointments.

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Arche Beauty Salons


Integrated the backend of this website with 2 CMS systems for blog, staff information, and Instagram API purposes.

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Kyoto Yoga Asssociation


Website project with Wordpress blog and custom blog article recommendation system.

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Contract work with a large Japanese corporation, including regular uploading of real estate availability.

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Created a data management system that integrates analytics from both Google and Yahoo, for a Japanese company that manages SEO and customer acquisition data for various clientele.

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Pure Balance


Built a website with CMS system for managing 21 gym locations.

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